Android Kitkat 4.4 vs JellyBean

Android 4.4 KitKat is the latest version of the Google developed mobile operating system. The Kitkat  v4.4 was promised to enhance the overall performance and as far as we can tell from those devices that have already been updated that it mostly true. If you are using Jellybean on your device then you should know about the newly added features with Kitkat version.


However, Android Kitkat lack in some features which I think is not an big issue but one but Google should overcome, A study by OptaFidelity found that video playbacks in KitKat v4.4 is notably worse than it was on 4.3 Jelly Bean. People are not getting video playback as smooth as it runs on earlier JellyBean version. This study was done on Nexus 5 (running on Android Kitkat) and Nexus 7 tablet (running Android 4.3 JellyBean), because both the device had HD display with same resolution.

The test included the analysis of the 720p HD video playback at 30fps (frame per seconds) and 60fps along with 1080p HD videos at 30 and 60fps and it has been found JellyBean is better than Kitkat. The research team also confirm that the update of this OS has a negative impact on results of both Nexus tablets. Performance degrades notably once the update is applied with this device.

An overall score was determined according to the amount of error points from the mentioned measurements. The best score in this test is 0. Other categories according to error points include

  • Score less than 10 error points  Very Good
  • Score 10-20    Good
  • Score 20-50    Satisfactory
  • Score over 50  Unsatisfactory

Output were very interesting, I got shocked after getting this news that JellyBean is better than KitKat in playing video playback. According to all measured data the performance of the new OS Kitkat was weaker than that of the old JellyBean. The best result in video playback got Nexus 7 of the year 2012 with the older operating system. The second best was Nexus 7 of year 2013 with the old operating system.

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  1. Hi I have noticed that android KitKat runs a bit slower than android jellybean 4.3 I don’t want to have to download any apps to make it fast again nor do I want to be fiddling with the developer settings what do I do?? It can also be as bit laggy sometimes :-(

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