How To Remove Hangouts And Other Android 4.4 KitKat Apps

Google has unveiled the long awaited latest version 4.4 KitKat of Android. Perhaps, all the Android fans are eagerly waiting for the instant when the brand new zest of Android strikes their handset. Android offers many new improvised features, which the users may hold tightly, however if you’re unsatisfied with these features and don’t like it on your device then you can replace it with the previous one.


1. Replace Hangouts as the default SMS app


Hangout is the important feature of Android 4.4 KitKat, which includes all message solving, covering Web chats, SMS, MMS. Now you can send instant text or voice messages and get a better video calling. It’s just like a combination of Face Time and iMessaging into a single application. However it’s not quite glossy and handy as expected. If you’re not convenient with this new app, then you can switch to other new apps as the default SMS handler. To get that, all you need to do is,

  • First download new app from Google Play either Chomp SMS and Handcent SMS, these two are in very much demand, otherwise there are plenty to pick from.
  • Next you need to choose your default app, to do so, go to Settings->More->Default SMS app, then Hangouts will easily drop out from its text messaging duties and stick to instant messaging. And don’t forget to configure notifications of your new app subsequently to refrain any missing important texts or to avoid getting multiple notifications for every SMS.

2. Recover your home screens


Google openly installs Google Now as the default left-hand home screen in Android 4.4 KitKat. However you can discard this, by either switching to Google Now entirely or tap the menu button, choose Settings and then turn off Google Now. By doing so Google Now will be completely disabled from your phone or tablet unless you enable it again in future.

There is also an another way to reclaim your home screen. You have to install an alternative launcher which can handle home screen and app-launching tasks. The popular launchers are Nova, Apex, Themer, and KitKat Launcher, which imitates the KitKat look without the Google Now panel. All these launchers are free and easy to use, and you can uninstall them back if you change your opinion.

3. Turn Off Caller ID


The new Caller ID in Android KitKat works great, by making its search through the Google’s Databases for people registered for that number and displays their names and even their picture if they’re not listed in your contact. If you don’t like Google tracing who’s ringing you, then you can easily turn this option off. To do this go to Settings page from the Dialer app, tap caller ID by Google and turn it off.

Now you can also block people who are trying to find you through your mobile number by making settings on the Web. Just log into your Google account page, click the view option by the Phone numbers heading, and untick the option to help people find you. However this feature is not available yet, to know about its arrival click here  Google’s official posting about Caller ID.

4. Enable lock screen widgets


This is a contrast to the features that we saw till now. As we have seen, the lock screen widgets are turned off by default in Android KitKat, which means you cannot easily include emails, widgets for tasks to the lock screen widgets.

Here is the way to enable the lock screen widgets.

  • Go to Settings
  • Choose Security and then tick Enable widgets.
  • Now to add widgets of your choice, you can swipe in from the left edge of the lock screen.

5. Not Okay, Google


Google Now is the competitive feature included in an Android 4.4 KitKat over Apple’s Siri. You can make your successful search by just saying “OK, Google”. But unfortunately this works well only if your device is set to US English. If you don’t wish this feature in your device then just go to your Google Now Settings page, untick the Hotward detection option, and meanwhile your device will be free from an “OK, Google

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