How to root Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Every android smartphone users are now waiting to use new Android KitKat on their device. But there is no sign of any update regarding this. But at the same time unofficial update has come that will sure change your current Android version to Android KitKat by installing custom ROM. To install custom ROM on your device, you have the root access of your device. in this article I am going to guide you how to root Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Read this article carefully before starting this process and let me know if you have any doubt or problems.

galaxy nexus

Declaimer: This is an unofficial process and it will void your manufacturer warranty and you might also loss your data. Do everthing at your own risk.


  • Charge your device battery up to 80%
  • Download and install proper USB driver for Galaxy Nexus and enable USB debugging mode on your device.
  • Create complete backup of your device.
  • Download SuperSU v1.43

Android Root


How to root Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Step 1 - Connect your device with your PC

Step 2 - Now copy the SuperSU zip file to the root directory of SD card.

Step 3 - Switch off your device.

Step 4 - Download CWM and save it to your android-sdk-windowsplatform-tools directory on your computer.

Step 5 - Navigate into Fastboot/Bootloader mode on Galaxy Nexus, to do so press and hold Volume Up +Volume Down + Power.

Step 6 - Go to android-sdk-windowsplatform-tools directory and open Command Prompt.

Step 7 - In command prompt type this

fastboot flash recovery recovery-clockwork-touch- (For Nexus 4)

fastboot flash recovery recovery-clockwork-touch- (For Galaxy Nexus I9250)

Step 8- Now select Recovery from the fastboot menu and Enter, In recovery mode select flash zip from SD card by pressing power button.

Step 9- Using volume keys to navigate to the file Update SuperSu and follow the on screen instruction and finally press install.

Step 10- Wait for the process to complete. Reboot your device.

Congratulations!!! You have successfully rooted your device. Post your comment if you have any doubt or share your experience with us.


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