CyanogenMod 11 based on Android Kitkat for Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung will be releasing an official Android 4.4 KitKat software update for its series Galaxy S4 smartphone cum tablet. Nevertheless, if you don’t want to wait until January to get this Android Kitkat officially then you are at right site, today a CyanogenMod 11 ROM based on the latest version of Android has been released for the this device. Lets have a closer look to new CyanogenMod 11.


Before couple of week ago Cyanogenmod started doing market from Play Store, I mean to say that CyanogenMod is officially available at Play Store. It would be easy to get this firmware that has launched Android 4.4 kitkat firmware update for Samsung galaxy S4.

The ROM is in still currently in Alpha, so this is only for those people people who are willing to help with finding (and fixing) bugs which might have in this version. Currently, the bug list is quite long, but that’s understandable because Android Kitkat is completely available on some of devices owned by Google like Nexus 5, Nexus 7 tablet (WiFi Version). Here are some most  the most displeasing  bugs includes  low microphone volume, no video recording and non-working screen auto-rotation.

Some bugs are also not discovered yet, it might get after frequent use of this firmware. But we can expect that those bugs will be fixed shortly. This is the reason why CyanogenMod has launched this firmware in developing mode for the developers not for the users as it is not completely stable on Samsung Galaxy S4.


Whatever the bug is present yet, this CyanogenMOD version 11 with Android KitKat is working flawless with Samsung Galaxy S4 and improved its performance a bit. If you still want to feel its working experience on your device as you get to know about this unofficial Alpha ROM then click this link to get the source.

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